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Conceptual note

Approaching to shapes of natural objects with repetitive accumulation of objects. There's no need for it to be a tree necessarily but pine trees are the face of our forests which put down roots in every mountain and stream of this country. My concept aims at their strong and full vitality. It can be said that the shape of trees as natural objects is expansion of nature-friendly vision and indulgence into the Oriental misen-en-scene. I wanted to take a major step forward toward direction to express dynamic vitality of organisms here.

Pictorial plasticity. The working process of connecting copper pipe media appeared like the breath of brush touch in Oriental painting. Especially trees which show full and strong vitality even in barren land was seen as the most fundamental shape and natural objects based on symbolic recognition of molding. Matiere that copper pipe and tree skin are duplicated. The meeting of exquisite shapes is a expression of transforming into physical properties like you plant life in mechanical modern.


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